Full inspection

The Products suitable for full inspection are: tight delivery, high value products, strict quality requirements, initial cooperation manufacturing plant.

After customer orders are fully completed in the specified factory, in order to meet credibility of customer requirements, SDI will be accounting numbers of inspectors and the number of days required for inspection based on the requirements of the customer and the order quantity of products. According to customer requirements,
they will conduct the 100% product inspection. After the inspection, non-defective product will be packed into cartons by plant personnel, our QC is responsible for the overseeing the packaging process to prevent mixing of foreign matter or defective product , and confirm packaging and quantities. Alternatively, non-defective product packaging is completed by the QC after the inspection and affixed the seal of the outer box has “ ISR “ flag sealing plastic or stamped QC inspection seal. Finally ISR will issue corresponding full inspection report. (the record of the quantity of defective and non-defective product and defective goods pictures will clearly notify customers of like being at the scene.)