Why choose SDI

Firstly:SDI has a professional team and an extensive service network covering many areas in china. It centers on Qingdao and radiates to the whole regions in China.
Secondly:our service is thorough and timely. We not only receive orders but also have someone follow up and make regular monthly inspection records.
Thirdly:the lowest service price is very compatible with the highest service quality in our company.
Fourthly:our inspectors are required to provide written report on the same day;inform customers the factory inspection results of the products timely and effectively, and issue the official report within 24 hours at the latest.
Fifthly:we have united inspection standards for all the products that required inspection(synthesizing the international standards and customer specified standards).
Sixthly:Our inspectors are all full-time and have at least 3 to 5 years of working experience. In addition, they are all professionally trained, and most of them have obtained AQSIQ qualification. No matter in early or mid-production, pre-delivery inspection or supervising containers, our inspectors can 100 per sent assure that the report we issued is objective, fair and true. “Data” or pictures of the products will show the quality for themselves.
Seventhly:As to the defective products, we will find the accurate problems and put forward relevant improving measures to customers.
Eighthly:As for our inspectors, we adopt “Three Don’ts” principles to ensure that there is no space for inspectors to randomly appraise the product quality.
Ninthly:We can provide one-stop engineering and technical services to the factory products at the stages of early, middle and late production based on customer requirements,therefore, customers can instantly know the factory product status;as if they were in the factory witnessing the process. In addition, we can timely report and offer feedback on any problems.