Assessment of Social Behavior

Seen from an historical perspective, product quality and production time determines the level of production, which is the main driving force of the supply chain. However, in recent years, the awareness of social responsibility has become an important component element of the supply chain management. The requirements of social responsibility awareness which consumers and customers demands greatly promote the supervision to  the social behavior in the market. Therefore, it is very important to ensure all stakeholders can totally comply with existing laws.
SDI provides a reasonable solution in line with cost benefit to avoid the problems of social responsibility. We will adopt a combination of measures, collect and verify factory information with mature survey skills. Our inspectors which are familiar with local conditions will carry out comprehensive and confidential staff interview in a common language, record, analyze and check the factory operation conditions based on the globally recognized laws and regulations criterion.

The assessment of social behavior mainly includes:
Child labor
Forced labor
Minimum wage standard
Factory dormitory
Working hours
Overtime pay
Social welfare
Health and safety
Environmental protection
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