Supplier assessment

Knowing the facts behind the seller claims will be very important before making a purchase decision. Suppliers have not claimed consistently so it is not enough to know suppliers by product advertise issued on websites. Many so-called “factories” are really just a set of high-rise apartment buildings without employee, insurance, license or factory-related stuff, but they intensely desire to bring your own money into their pockets.
As a purchaser, the most important thing is to choose a qualified supplier no matter they are plants or plant agents. If you expect your suppliers to provide correct quality and quantity of products in a timely manner, so their internal management must meet certain criteria. Depending on your needs, SDI can provide you with supplier evaluation to help you determine whether the supplier meets your requirements.
We mainly assess following content:
•         Business background and basic assessment
•         Business scope and reference users
•         Business and/or professional license
•         Physical location verification
•         Relationship with factory
•         Work business ability