Service Objects

SDI mainly provides services for transnational buyers,domestic trading companies, representative offices of foreign companies and various manufacturers, as well as individuals who need to ensure the quality of their products.

Why you need third-party inspection:

1. Geographical location: a trading company may be far from the production plant, while the third party inspection company cansolve your trouble in long travel to the production plant for the inspection of goods.

2. Cost reason: our reasonable price can reduce your expenses on traveling and others required for self-inspection of goods.

3. Time cost: you may be too busy or fail to follow the shipment timetable to go to the factory for inspection , but our wide inspection service network can solve this problem timely.

4. Professional reason: our inspectors have at least 3--5 years of professional inspection experience. They clearly know the inspection standards and inspection requirements and can help you find out the cause of problems and take corresponding measures.We are more professional than you.

With a fair, justice and honest service attitude, our company serves for customers in various industries and guarantees the quality of each product.
We are proud of our perfect, rigorous, scientific and excellent quality control services for you.