Integrity of the inspector is one of the biggest problems faced by the inspection industry. SDI has experienced numerous attempts and failures ever since it set foot in this industry. SDI has collected lots of useful experience, accumulated a wealth of industry and local knowledge and developed a comprehensive solution to deal with this thorny issue.
This thorny issue stems from a variety of special circumstances of the inspection industry.

1. Many inspection companies reduce their operating costs through recruiting part-time and contracted inspectors, but it has a negative impact, namely, it will encourage inspectors to produce disloyalty and short-sighted style. Wages of inspectors are usually very low, so they will be easily prevailed on accepting bribes from factories and suppliers to increase their incomes.

2. Some factories and suppliers even force inspectors to accept their bribes sometimes or express to inspectors that they will cooperate friendly during the process of quality control in the future. Of course, what are incident are their some expectations. They will hope inspectors to make an exception for them when totaling the AQL data.
Based on the above factors, a comprehensive solution is necessary to develop and monitor the moral code in the process of quality control. SDI adopts a strict moral code system.

SDI has formed a special team to manage and implement our anti-bride system. Measures include:
Employ full-time inspectors
Pay inspectors wages higher than market level
“Four Nos” principle: It is not allowed to require the factory to pick up the inspectors, to accept food or accommodation provided by the factory, to demand products or disclose customer information.
Adopt a zero-bribery-tolerance system
Implement pre-service training and continuing training programs
No notice to inspection
Adopt a violation report reward system
Analyze inspectors’ AQL data regularly
Alternate inspectors regularly
Related employees who violate this principle will be fired immediately.
Although we cannot ensure all the people fully comply with the anti-bribery system, we have made remarkable achievements in the process of implementing and managing this severe system and can confirm and solve moral code related issues quickly. Our unremitting efforts against bribery in quality control have greatly improved customer satisfaction.