Proceduresof Product Inspection Service

I. Consulting
Consult by e-mail, telephone or fax
Confirm inspection mode
Confirm detailed inspection data
II. Meeting for Discussion
Confirm inspectionprice
Confirm testing quantity
III.Inspection Order Release
Release a formal inspection order before seven days, at least 3 days prior to the certificate inspection.
IV. Starting Inspection
Hold three meetings before the inspection andunderstand inspection knowledge
Inspect in accordance with the inspection standards
V. Result Report
Fill all the inspection conditions in the inspection report, and issue an electronic inspection report within 24Hours after the inspection.
VI. Packaging Supervision
Supervise and ensure the safety duringpackaging process to prevent the bad products mixed in.
VII. Inspection Completion
Allow the plant to deliver the goods after the client have confirmed the final inspection report.

Remarks: We guarantee to deliver the inspection report by e-mail within 24 hours after the completion of inspection, unlessthere are inevitable difficulties. At the same time, we suggestto complete the production two days before shipment. In case of poor planning or lack of space, the factory may face difficulties, and the production may be completed just at the arrival of the ship, which will result in little time for inspection and problem solving. It is the best for the inspectorsto have at least two days,  to make the report available to the buyer, and then the buyer enables to decide whether to ship the goods. In the case of poorplanning of the plant or the report to be delivered immediately, a handwritten "sheet of inspection records"by the inspector may also be available within two hours after the completion of the inspection.