Maybe you are trying to grasp the needs of users in one hand and to meet the demand of the global supply chain in another hand. But in Asia, with a variety of highly complex unregulated trade and production business, you will find it difficult to determine who will be the real manufacturer of your products and difficult to determine exactly where your product comes from.Basic information understanding for potential sellers is an important factor which will determines if you are successful in the field.
Therefore, one key factor to achieve the success of your business is to find a seller which not only meets your production and quality requirements but also bears necessary social responsibilities under increasingly growing social responsibility environment.
Our seller assessment will help you find the seller to meet your desired production capacity, performance and professional degree. So making an in-depth condition assessment for the sellers in various aspects, including its corporate policies and management procedures to determine the actual delivery capacity of  the seller is necessary.
SDI provides 3 kinds of seller assessment as follows:
•         Supplier assessment
•         Technical quality assessment
•         Social behavior assessment